3 Reasons Why In-Home Physical Therapy is Essential

3 Reasons Why In-Home Physical Therapy is Essential

Why In-Home Physical Therapy is Important

Physical therapist applying physical therapy to patientDid you know October is National Physical Therapy month! This is celebrated to recognize the contribution of physical therapists and assistants and create awareness about the importance of physical therapy in helping people live a healthier life. At Med1Care, we have seen firsthand how patients benefit from quality inhome physical therapy. Here’s why we think a customized therapy program can not only prevent further injury but also contribute positively to overall health:

1. Preventive Care

With age, people tend to lose physical strength and a sense of balance, making them prone to falls and accidents. There could be several factors that contribute to this problem like a decline in cognitive abilities, diminished strength, vestibular abnormalities, bad posture, loss of bone density, or diseases such as arthritis. An in-home physical therapist can help identify the reason by assessing muscle strength, look for balance and gait issues, and more. Sometimes, correcting bad posture is enough to improve balance problems and prevent injuries or beginning exercises to improve cognitive abilities can lead to better coordination. A physical therapist can suggest assistive walking devices and help restore vestibular functioning.

2. Speed Up Recovery after Hospitalization

Patients recovering from an accident or illness may need help to manage their pain. In-home physical therapy can eliminate some types of pain through techniques like joint and soft tissue mobilization, electrical stimulation, taping, etc. Patients recovering from a stroke can learn to be independent in and around the home through physical therapy exercises and gradually return to a normal routine.

3. Recover from Heart and Lung Ailments

Patients recovering from heart surgery or a heart attack may need physical therapy to get back on track and resume their normal life. Similarly, people recovering from a pulmonary infection like pneumonia can benefit from strengthening and breathing exercises. Physical therapy can help with these issues.

Are you looking for in-home physical therapy for a loved one recovering from an illness or injury? Call now to schedule a consultation.

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