What Happens the Day of Your STNA Exam

Home Care Services Findlay OH - What Happens the Day of Your STNA Exam

What Happens the Day of Your STNA Exam

Taking tests isn’t necessarily the easiest thing for most people to do. But if it’s your goal to become a State Tested Nursing Assistant, you’ll have to take the official exam.

Home Care Services Findlay OH - What Happens the Day of Your STNA Exam
Home Care Services Findlay OH – What Happens the Day of Your STNA Exam

The Practical Stuff Matters

It’s terrible to prepare for something so much and then realize on the day of the exam that you missed a few important details. You need to make sure that you bring whatever identification you’ve been told is necessary. You won’t be able to bring anything into the testing area with you other than your pencil, most likely, so prepare for that, too. Eat something before your test, too, even if you normally don’t eat breakfast. Your brain is going to need fuel.

You’ll Take a Written Exam

One portion of your STNA exam is going to be the written portion. If you need to be tested in another way, such as via an oral exam, that is possible, but you need to make those accommodations well in advance. Your exam will be timed, which adds a little bit of extra pressure to taking a test. One way to feel more confident about the written portion of your test is to take practice tests.

There Is Also a Skills Exam

There is also a clinical skills part of your STNA exam. It’s a test that will focus on all of the various skills you learned during your training program. Every state requires that people taking the STNA exam are tested on hand washing. The other skills will be decided randomly by the person conducting the test. You’ll need to show that you fully understand how to perform each of the requested skills. Some of these might include taking vital signs, helping a patient transfer, or a variety of other types of patient care.

You’ll Need to Wait for Your Results

Wait times vary depending on how you’ve selected to take the test. If for some reason you don’t pass the exam, you can reapply to take it again. You’ll receive information to help you understand what to do next. Upon successfully passing the exam, you’ll receive a letter informing you that you’ve become certified as an STNA and you’ll get an identification card to carry with you.

Becoming a State Tested Nursing Assistant is a big deal that can pay off huge dividends for you later in your career. The test itself is the last step and it’s one that can really make you nervous. Prepare as much as you can and then try to relax on the big day.

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