Why Do You Need In-Home Nursing Care?

Why Do You Need In-Home Nursing Care?

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While medical emergencies like strokes or heart attacks may not last more than a few seconds, the road to recovery can be long and overwhelming. Unfortunately, a hectic work schedule and a busy lifestyle leave many of us with little time and energy to care for our aging or ailing loved ones.

Med1Care’s in-home nursing care services are perfect for people who cannot get the help they need because their children live far away or their partners are also aging or recovering. Here are some reasons in-home nursing care can be the solution:

1. Special Care

It has been proven that recuperating at home with help from skilled medical professionals can speed up recovery. A licensed and certified nursing staff can ensure there are fewer postoperative complications. They can make sure your loved one’s complex medical needs are met. A nursing assistant can clean and change surgical wound dressings, administer IV medication, and help patients use walking aids like crutches and walkers safely. Companies like Med1Care prepare custom in-home nursing care plans that are tailored to meet the specific needs of you or your loved one.

2. Help with Daily Activities

If you or a loved one were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or other degenerative diseases, executive functioning can become more difficult. Getting assistance with simple tasks such as showering, getting dressed, etc. with an in-home healthcare provider can help patients keep their independence. Some may need medication reminders, and a skilled nursing assistant can help your loved one manage these functions and maintain their quality of life.

3. Diet and Nutrition Assistance

Ignorance about diet and nutrition can be a huge problem and affect patients. People with chronic conditions and those recently recovering from surgery sometimes need special care in terms of food and nutrition.  Sometimes, in-home nursing care plans may involve nutritional counseling. A certified home aide can assist with meal preparation.

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