Home Nursing Care: 7 Reasons To Get It For Yourself

Home Nursing Care

Home Nursing Care: 7 Reasons To Get It For Yourself

Aging typically happens gradually. At first, it’s forgetting to turn off the lights before you leave home. Then it’s forgetting to turn off the stove or leaving a faucet on until the sink overflows.

Whether you’re watching a loved one endure the challenges of aging or you’re experiencing these bumps in the road yourself, there’s no shame in seeking extra help at home. Home nursing care offers simple solutions that allow aging individuals to maintain the independence of staying in their own homes.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits home health agencies offer to aging loved ones who need extra help but want to stay in the comfort of their own home.

1. Familiar Surroundings

Moving is hard at any age. But if you’re an older person, it’s especially difficult. You have most likely made milestone memories in your home with family and friends, and you may have decades of momentous with you.

Moving late in life takes a toll on individuals both physically and mentally. Relocation stress can cause anxiety and depression, leading to a reduced quality of life.

Home nursing agencies offer the health services needed without causing this unnecessary stress. Ultimately, seniors who age in place will feel more secure and happier, contributing to mental health and thus physical health.

Individuals who suffer from memory loss caused by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease will find significant benefits in familiar surroundings. They will feel a greater sense of control and thus have a calmer demeanor.

Living at home also gives individuals autonomy. They can establish and maintain schedules at their discretion. They do not have to follow a specific meal or bathing schedule like what they’d have to follow in a nursing home.

This freedom to make their own decisions will add value to that individual’s life. Services offering home healthcare in Toledo are keeping Toledo’s aging population calmer, happier, and more independent by allowing them to live at home safely.

2. Affordable Care

Home health care in Toledo will also cost less than nursing home care in the same city. Typical semi-private nursing home rooms cost over $5,000 a month in Ohio on average.

Because in-home care often offers a pick-and-choose menu of options, you can tailor the care that you need and save significant money. For example, if you simply need help with domestic tasks but not extensive medical care, then you won’t need as much care and thus won’t have to pay as much.

Furthermore, good home nursing agencies will be able to help with special procedures that would cost significantly more with in-hospital care. You can still receive professional medical care but at a lower cost and in the comfort of your home.

3. Reduced Infections and Quicker Recovery

Hospitals and nursing homes are teeming with infection. Though clinicians attempt to keep their facilities clean, there’s no denying that sick people visit hospitals. Thus, home nursing care reduces the chance of post-procedure infection, giving patients a chance to help faster and better than if they were in a hospital.

4. Customized Care

Both hospital and nursing home care come with no frills and all the requirements. Nurses at hospitals and nursing homes do not have extra time to adapt their routines to the patient’s specific requests.

Professional home health care nurses listen to their patients. They will customize and personalize the care for each patient, understanding the unique needs of patients and then designing care plans to meet those needs.

As a result, patients are more comfortable and will recover more quickly.

5. Precise Medication Management

As you age, you will often need more medication than you did in your younger years. After a while, it’s difficult to keep track of the heart pills, blood pressure pills, and blood thinner pills. All the pills begin to look the same, and you run the risk of either missing a critical dose or overdosing.

Home health care will help with precise medication management. Nurses can organize your pills and fill your insulin syringes. Such help reduces the risk of overdosing or missing medication, thus offering a higher quality of life for the patient.

6. Kind Check-Ins and Companionship

Without physical touch, people wither and die. A home nursing service plays multiple roles. They can complete domestic tasks, conduct medical procedures and organize medicine, but most importantly, they play a social role.

Sometimes, the home health nurse is the only person the patient sees. They become a trusted companion for basic tasks like walking, eating meals, watching movies, reading, or playing games.

Such a companion keeps the patient mentally and physically healthy. They give the patient a friendly smile regularly, making the patient feel less abandoned and lonely when their family neglects to visit.

7. Maintain Your Regular Schedule

When you have a home health nurse, you can establish and then maintain a schedule that works for you. There’s significant freedom and autonomy that comes from establishing your own schedule. A home caregiver can help with light chores like dishes and laundry, and thus they help you establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Look Into Home Nursing Care

Home nursing care gives patients autonomy and independence in the comfort of their own home while offering loved ones the security of knowing their loved ones have the help they need. No longer do you have to worry about a loved one falling and no one finding them for days.

Do you need in-home health care, or do you have a loved one in need of home healthcare in Toledo? If so, give us a call today.

We offer comprehensive, full-service, in-home nursing care to meet your needs.

Med1Care is proud to offer comprehensive, full-service, in-home nursing care to fit the needs of any client. We combine compassion, clinical expertise, and individualized care to help you feel comfortable and to remain living at home.

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