The Services Offered By Home Care Agencies

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The Services Offered By Home Care Agencies

Nearly 1 million people currently live in assisted living facilities. However, many people use home care agencies before moving out of their homes and into assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Why do so many people turn to home care agencies? The answer is that they offer many useful services for seniors and others who need some assistance.

So what services do these agencies offer? Most home care agencies offer numerous services, including the ones outlined in this guide.

Personal Hygiene

Private home care agencies assist with all kinds of services and activities, and one of the main ones is personal hygiene tasks.

For example, do you or your loved one need help bathing? A home health care company assists with bathing and all other personal hygiene activities, including getting dressed and applying makeup.

Personal hygiene also includes assisting people with bathroom use, brushing their teeth, and doing their hair. Additionally, it includes helping people get dressed.

Wound Care

Some people might need help with caring for their wounds. For example, diabetic individuals might experience foot ulcers. In this case, they might need someone to help clean the wounds and change the bandages.

Wound care is an essential service that many people need assistance with for many reasons. Foot ulcers are one example, but others might need help replacing bandages for burns, bruises, or cuts.

Caring for a wound keeps it clean, and as a result, wounds heal faster with the proper care.

Seniors might need this form of assistance, but others might also. For example, accident victims might need home health care services during their recoveries.

Medication Disbursement

Many seniors take medications daily for their health issues. Unfortunately, some experience challenges with this task, leaving them with serious consequences.

For example, seniors might experience health issues if they forget to take some of their pills. But they might also face problems if they take too many pills.

A home care agency can help a person with medication disbursement. For example, they might sort a person’s pills once a week and prepare pill boxes.

They can also come to a person’s home once or twice a day to ensure they take the correct pills.

Basic Homemaker Services

Home health care agencies also offer non-medically related services, including homemaker services.

People living alone in their homes or with aging spouses might struggle to keep their homes clean. Yet, a clean home is vital for their safety and well-being.

If you or your aging loved ones experience trouble with basic homemaking tasks, a home health care agency can help. Unfortunately, most agencies don’t offer deep-cleaning services but can assist with basic tasks.

For example, they can wash the senior’s dishes and put them away. They can also wipe the counters, clean the bathrooms, and sweep the floors.

A clean home offers a safer living environment and decreases the risks of falls.

Cooking and Meals

Some homebound individuals might have trouble cooking or making meals. Additionally, they might not be able to do their own grocery shopping.

The best home care agency can help with these activities. They can deliver groceries to seniors if this is what they need. They can also cook meals for them.

In some cases, seniors prefer having meal deliveries. If you prefer this, you can ask your home care agent to help you find a company that offers meal delivery services.

These companies drop off fresh-cooked meals to seniors and homebound individuals. Seniors can receive healthy, home-cooked meals if they enroll in these services.


Many people underestimate the importance of companionship, yet it’s a vital part of life that everyone needs. A companion is someone you can talk to and do things with, and companionship alleviates sadness and loneliness.

If you or your loved one needs companions, you can hire elderly home care agencies for companionship care. This service is extremely helpful to lonely people, as it focuses on friendship.

Home care workers offering this service go to a senior’s home and spend time with them. During this time, they might talk about the past or the present. They might talk about the highlights of their lives or other things.

Additionally, companionship care includes activities. For example, if a senior enjoys puzzles or playing card games, a home health worker will do these things with them.

Shopping and Transportation

Home health services also provide a key service to homebound individuals – transportation. Many seniors need rides because they can’t drive anymore, but others might also need rides.

For example, if a person suffers a stroke and can’t walk well, they might need rides to the doctor or other places. Therefore, home care services are not only for the elderly. Instead, they’re for anyone who needs assistance.

A home care worker can drive a person to their doctor visits or take them shopping. They can also take them on outings or to family functions.

Morning and Bedtime Routines

Finally, some people need assistance with morning and bedtime routines.

For example, some people might need help getting out of bed and getting dressed each morning. After that, they might be able to handle their other daily tasks without help.

On the other hand, some people might need help preparing for bed. They might need help getting into their beds or changing their clothes, and home care workers can help with these things.

Learn More About the Services of Home Care Agencies

Home care agencies offer valuable services for those who need some help with these activities. If you or a loved one needs help, you might want to hire a home health agency to meet these needs.

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