Everything You Need to Know about STNA Requirements in Ohio

Elder Care Tiffin OH - Everything You Need to Know about STNA Requirements in Ohio

Everything You Need to Know about STNA Requirements in Ohio

Meeting the requirements for becoming a State Tested Nursing Assistant in Ohio sounds complicated, but it isn’t as long as you follow the steps in order. Each step is designed to help you to accomplish the next one in the series.

Training Comes First

The first step to becoming an STNA is similar to the first steps in most professions. You need to find a training program that will help you to learn everything that you need to know about being an STNA. Programs often have flexible hours to enable you to continue working or meeting other needs while also studying. You must complete your training program in order to take the test.

The Exam Is Necessary

The STNA test itself is divided into two parts. There’s a knowledge portion that is multiple choice. You might take that with a computer-based exam or on paper with a pencil. If you need an oral version of the exam, that’s available as well but it does need to be requested. The other portion of the test is a skills test. The testing proctor chooses tasks from the skills taught in the training program for you to perform right there.

Passing the Exam Puts You on the Registry

When you sign up for the STNA test, you’re also submitting an application for the Nurse Aide Registry. Once you’ve passed your test, you’re automatically added to the registry and able to tell potential employers that you are an official State Tested Nursing Assistant. You can apply for jobs before you receive your results, but your new employer may require you to pass the test in order to keep the job.

Renewing Your License

You’ll stay on the Nurse Aide Registry if you maintain the work requirements, which include working “at least seven and one-half consecutive hours or eight hours in a forty-eight hour period of nursing and nursing-related services for compensation during the twenty-four month period immediately following either the date that the individual was placed on the registry or the most recent date of verified work.” If you’re not currently working in any such position, you can complete additional training and take the certification exam again.

Being an STNA is just one part of a possibly endless career path you can have in the healthcare industry. With an STNA license, you can continue your education and advance to higher levels of nursing and even further.

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