Five Tips for Avoiding Sleep Problems as a New STNA

Home Health Aide Training Bowling Green OH - Five Tips for Avoiding Sleep Problems as a New STNA

Five Tips for Avoiding Sleep Problems as a New STNA

Once you’ve successfully completed your training and passed your exam, the next hurdle is to find the perfect job to start out your career as an STNA. But with late-night shifts, long hours, and so many other variables, you might find that balancing your new career with sleep gets a little difficult. These tips can help.

Be Careful with Caffeine

Caffeine is a normal part of the day for so many people. But if you’re careless with your caffeine consumption, that can have a serious impact on your ability to get the sleep that you need. If you absolutely can’t do without caffeine at all, make sure you stick to caffeine early in your day. For people working night shifts, that might mean your “morning” coffee is something you drink right after you get up to start your day, even if that’s at night. You definitely want to avoid caffeine before trying to go to sleep.

Exercise, but Watch the Timing

Exercise is an important part of your daily routine but what might be more important than exercising might be when you exercise. If you’re putting in a heavy workout too close to bedtime, you might find that it’s difficult to get your body calmed down. But exercising earlier in your day can help you to manage your energy effectively, burn off stress and excess energy, and help you to fall asleep faster.

Make Sure You’re Hydrated

Water matters a lot more than most people know, and as an STNA you probably tell your patients that they need to be drinking more water. But when you’re incredibly busy, it’s easy to forget that advice yourself. Drinking enough water every day is going to help you to keep up the fast pace you’re likely to encounter. It also helps your entire body and brain to keep going with you.

Eat Regularly and Choose Wisely

Your body runs on the fuel you give it and if you’re giving it fuel that doesn’t offer the nutrients you need, you might not be feeling as well as you could be. You’re probably also not sleeping well, because all of your bodily functions are off. Take a look at what you’re eating and whether you’re eating at regular intervals or not. Make small changes now that you can build on.

Start Winding Down Earlier

There’s always that one more thing you need to do, either for yourself or for work. Start making it a habit to finish what you need to do earlier in your day so that you are able to start winding down when you really should be in order to get the sleep you need.

Make sure that you’re prioritizing getting sleep as much as you can. Getting the rest you need is going to help you to acclimate to your new working environment and will help you to be the best STNA possible.

Excerpt: When you start your new career as an STNA, you might find yourself dealing with some new sleep problems.

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