Five Winter Comfort Tips for Special Needs Children

Homecare Bowling Green OH - Five Winter Comfort Tips for Special Needs Children

Five Winter Comfort Tips for Special Needs Children

Keeping special needs children safe and comfortable during the winter can feel more complicated. Your child may not be able to tell you if she’s cold or if she’s uncomfortable or she may have extra difficulty walking or rolling a wheelchair through snow and icy conditions.

Earmuffs and Insulated Headbands Provide Warmth

Some children have a difficult time wearing hats because they’ve got sensory issues, while others might use assistive equipment or devices that make wearing a hat a difficult thing to do. Insulated headbands, particularly ones with Velcro closures, can be a great option because they can still hold in some heat that escapes from the head. Another option can be earmuffs, because they keep your child’s ears warm without fitting over the head.

Legwarmers and Extra Blankets Are a Good Idea, Too

Another idea for dealing with the cold, particularly if your child has trouble regulating body temperature or sharing that they’re cold, is to keep extra blankets on hand. Lightweight blankets are the best choice, especially if you’re having to carry them yourself. Another idea might be slip-on legwarmers, because they’re usually roomy and when your child doesn’t need them, they fold easily into a bag.

Consider Different Tires for Wheelchairs

If your child uses a wheelchair, there is such a thing as all-terrain tires for wheelchairs. This might be a good option if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or ice during the winter. These types of tires use different rubber compounds in the tires and they offer a different tread style, which can lead to greater traction and better maneuverability.

Carry Deicer or Rock Salt for Slippery Spots

Slippery spots can be tamed, but not if you don’t have the right material with you. If you’re able, carrying a small bag of deicer or even rock salt can be a good idea. Sprinkle a thin layer of your chosen material and enjoy slightly better surfaces. Deicer tends to be a little lighter than rock salt, so it might be easier to carry if you’re having to tote a bag.

Contact Your Local Power Company

Something else to consider is that power is a vital need during colder weather. You may want to contact your local power company and determine what they need in order to allow your child to register as a special needs customer. This gives you priority when there are outages and emergencies. This is especially vital if your child requires medical equipment that runs on electricity.

Pediatric homecare providers can help with medical tasks, but they can also help you to find other tips and tricks to help your child to be more comfortable during winter weather.

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