What it is Like to Be an STNA in a Busy Hospital

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What it is Like to Be an STNA in a Busy Hospital

If you’re considering becoming an STNA, you might also be wondering about the environments in which you’ll work. STNA’s can work in a wide range of environments, from small clinics to busy nursing homes. Somewhere else you might want to work could be a busy hospital. The pace each day would keep you on your toes and there’s always something different happening.

Prepping Exam Areas

Before patients are assigned to an exam space, STNA’s need to set up those areas. There may be areas that need to be cleaned and disinfected in between patients for patient safety. There may also be specific items that need to be set up in between each exam. For doctors and RN’s who take equipment to the patients in their rooms, STNA’s may be responsible for helping to clean and maintain that equipment as well.

Taking Patient Vitals

Taking patient vitals is an important part of every day, but it takes time and energy to get done, especially if there are a lot of patients. Add to that the fact that patients need vitals taken regularly and that’s a lot of work. STNA’s are usually responsible for going from room to room to help take patient temperatures as well as pulse and blood pressure measurements.

Helping Patients with Necessary Activities

Very often patients need some extra help while they’re in the hospital. They may need assistance getting to the bathroom or taking a shower. They may also need help with bandage changes or even tasks like eating. All of these and more are tasks that a State Tested Nursing Assistant is most likely to be helping a patient with on a regular basis.

Paying Attention to Changes in Patients

Sometimes the STNA is around a patient more than the doctor or floor nurse are. That means that the STNA is going to be the person most likely to notice changes in a patient’s health that might seem small at first, but that is really important. Being able to alert other medical providers to those small changes can often resolve a problem before it really is a problem for the patient.

With the right training to be a State Tested Nursing Assistant, even the busiest work environments will be easy for you to manage. You’ll learn everything that you most need to know and you’ll be able to gain valuable experience you can use throughout your nursing career.

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