Five Ways Home Health Care Can Help with Elderly Diabetes

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Five Ways Home Health Care Can Help with Elderly Diabetes

Diabetes can be a scary diagnosis for your senior to receive, especially if she’s already dealing with health issues. Finding a way to manage diabetes so that it is less impactful on your elderly family member’s overall health is imperative and home health care is an excellent solution toward that end.

Managing Increased Vulnerabilities Due to Diabetes

Your senior may have increased health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, because of family history. But diabetes can increase the risk that cardiovascular disease takes a bigger toll on her overall health. Other possible health concerns include neuropathy, vision problems, and a greater risk of falling. Home health care providers can help your senior to keep a better handle on all of these concerns.

Complying with Medication Protocols

Your elderly family member’s doctor may put her on medications beyond insulin to help her to manage her blood sugar levels. If your elderly family member is already taking medications for other health issues, it’s important that she’s properly adding the new medications to her daily routine. Complying with medication protocols is much easier with assistance.

Meeting Glucose Level Goals

Your senior’s doctor may have given her a variety of different goals to aim for in terms of managing her blood sugar levels. Testing might be something that is complex for your senior, but with the help of home health care providers she can stick to a regular testing schedule. That’s going to give her the information that she needs to make the right decisions each day.

Improving Nutrition

Nutrition is one of your elderly family member’s best tools against diabetes. What she eats and when she eats is a huge part of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. But too many older adults rely on convenience foods because they’re easier. Having someone to help with cooking and cleanup can make all the difference for your elderly family member.

Keeping Her Doctors Advised of Progress

Your senior’s doctor will set up regular appointments for following up, but it’s also a good idea to have home health care providers available to update her physician about progress your senior is making. This is especially true when it’s difficult for your elderly family member to get to the doctor for one reason or another.

Managing diabetes alone is difficult and can feel impossible. But when your senior has expert nursing assistance from home health care providers, the process of keeping diabetes under control is so much easier.

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