What Contributes to Nursing Turnover in Nursing Homes

Medical Staffing Upper Sandusky OH - What Contributes to Nursing Turnover in Nursing Homes

What Contributes to Nursing Turnover in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes often have to deal with turnover, particularly with nursing staff. Working with supplemental medical staffing agencies can help to resolve the contributing factors to those situations. Reducing workloads enables staff to be better positioned to deal with obstacles and to create the atmosphere that best serves everyone involved.

Big Workloads and Staffing Problems

Nursing homes are notorious for being incredibly busy places for nursing staff. Residents all have unique needs and need help with specific tasks and activities of daily living to a varying degree. Some residents need help with mobility, including tasks like bathing, while others may need assistance with medical tasks, like changing catheters or having blood drawn. All of that takes time and sometimes there might not seem like there are enough people to help.

Red Tape

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in nursing home care. Most of the people who decide to be caregivers and nurses in a nursing home decided to do so because they love to help people. The paperwork and red tape can feel incredibly intimidating and might be deeply removed from what that person wants to be doing. With additional staff in place, nurses are able to focus on helping residents rather than dealing with all sorts of other tasks.

Feeling Unappreciated

No one wants to stay where they are unwanted or unappreciated, and unfortunately a fast-paced environment can sometimes make people in certain careers feel exactly that way. STNAs are the backbone of the nursing home and they may feel unappreciated, especially during busier times when workloads are at their heaviest. Having support from coworkers and knowing that they’re doing a job that truly matters can help.

Feeling Stuck

When nursing staff see ways that they can continue to grow and to advance in their career, that’s a powerful motivating force. Continuing to have ways that they can learn and have new experiences can also help. Being able to be flexible and to change settings can help to facilitate all of that for nursing staff, ensuring that their career experience is far more positive overall, which is excellent for everyone.

Supplemental medical staffing can solve more of these issues than might seem possible at first. Having the ability to adjust staffing on the fly and to deal with the concerns brought up by staff can help to create an atmosphere that works well for residents and for nurses.

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