Four Clues Your Aging Parent May Need In Home Health Care

Four Clues Your Aging Parent May Need In Home Health Care

Important Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help at Home

Health care aide assisting senior walkingWith improvements in geriatric health care, seniors today can live for several decades after retirement. But sometimes despite their insistence that they can take of themselves, elderly individuals may find it difficult to carry out daily activities inside and outside of the house. Here are a few signs your elderly parent might need extra home health care for support:

1. Walking Unsteadily

Is your loved one walking unsteadily around the house or holding onto walls or furniture as support? Dizzy spells while doing certain activities can be another concerning side. If you are seeing this, consult them about hiring a home health care assistant. A qualified home health care aide can help with errands like driving to appointments, cooking meals, housekeeping, and more. Elderly individuals have a better chance of living a healthy life if they do not fall and injure themselves.

2. Illness and Injury

Frequent illness or injuries is another red flag. If family members are unable to take care of the elderly injured or ill person at home, they can seek assistance from in-home nursing care for early recovery and support. This professional can help with daily activities like taking medicines on time, changing bandages, toileting, and maintaining personal hygiene until the patient is strong enough to manage on their own. Those that have suffered an injury may also benefit from hiring an in-home physical therapy provider to help them get moving sooner.

3. Facing Difficulty with Regular Chores

Does your elderly parent or relative worry about driving due to failing vision? Are they having difficulty in performing regular activities at home? If so, hire a home health care assistant to carry out activities like laundry, meal preparation, getting essentials from outside, paying bills, and more.

4. Loneliness

Despair and loneliness often sets in among the elderly who lose a spouse, siblings, or close friends, so it is important to look for signs that your loved one may be lonely. It becomes very difficult for them to make new friends and maintain an active social life. But isolation and loneliness can also increase their risk of mortality. If family members or friends cannot take out time for them on a daily basis, a trained home health care assistant can offer companionship and even run errands for them.

These warning signs can help you determine if your elderly loved one needs some extra help around the house or with health-related issues. Getting the assistance and care they need can keep them happier and healthier longer.

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