FAQ: What Are CNAs and How Do You Become One?

FAQ: What Are CNAs and How Do You Become One?

Do you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) (STNA in Ohio) and transition into a career as a full-time home health care aide? Before you can find work in this field, you first need to have the right training and certification. Anyone with a passion for helping others and a work ethic to match can become a Certified Nursing Assistant; however, not everyone knows where to start.


Med1Care provides aspiring healthcare workers with the skills and training they need to find work as a CNA. As such, we know exactly what it takes to launch a successful CNA career. If you want to learn how to become a CNA or home health aide, then keep reading to learn more about this promising career opportunity


What Are CNAs?


A CNA, or certified nursing assistant, is more commonly known as a nurse’s aide. They form strong bonds with their patients, creating a relationship like no other. This job can be extremely demanding as they are always present in a patient’s life. Home health aids strive to provide comfort, care, and support to their patients, who may be suffering from a variety of health problems. Things we do easily on a daily basis like washing our hair and eating dinner can be impossible for patients with serious medical conditions. The CNA will help them complete their tasks in a caring and nurturing way.


What are the requirements to become a CNA?


CNAs aren’t required to have a college degree. They don’t even need a high school diploma or GED to begin training. But they do need to have specific classes completed to become licensed. In addition, the state that you live in will have its own certification requirements. For instance, to become a certified nursing assistant here in Ohio, you must complete 75 hours of training and then pass the CNA competency evaluation exam.


Do you still think this is something you want to do? Here’s what you should know about CNA classes.


What are CNA Classes?


CNA classes prepare students for the state exam, which will determine your judgment, nursing skills, and knowledge. Throughout your lessons, you will learn how to care for different patients in different ways. After your classes are completed, you will know how to handle bathing procedures, understand first aid techniques, how to administer CPR, and how to do physical therapy. You’ll also learn a lot about different types of common illness such as respiratory problems, cognitive impairment, and diabetes.


Should Classes Be Taken Online or In Person?


Online classes are hard to come by. Because the CNA position is so hands-on, you’ll do your best learning inside of the classroom. In addition to classroom instruction, you will need to participate in clinical work as well. Some schools do offer a hybrid program that allows you to take classes online. Even though every student learns differently, in-person training is incredibly beneficial if you want to become a CNA.


WHy should I become a CNA?


As the U.S. population ages rapidly, there is a growing need for nurses, home health aides, and CNAs. That means you can find stable work that is extremely rewarding. Last year, home healthcare providers earned $93 billion, and as the industry grows, you will be able to find more and more job postings for nursing aides. These CNAs help countless patients maintain their quality of life, and home health aides can really make a positive impact on their patients. If this type of career interests you, don’t wait to register for CNA classes. The sooner you begin home health aide training, the sooner you can become licensed.


Home Health Aide Training in Ohio


If you are looking to start a rewarding career in healthcare in Northwest Ohio, then contact Med1Care to learn more about our State Tested Nursing Training (STNA) and CPR courses. Our STNA training program has graduated more students than any other institution in Ohio for four straight years. More importantly, we have a 98% pass rate for the state boards and a 95% job placement rate. There are no prerequisites for our CNA certified nursing assistant classes, and we offer day, weekend, and evening schedules.


Med1Care teaches CNA certified nursing assistant classes in Findlay and Toledo, Ohio, and we are currently accepting new students. When you are ready to become a CNA, you can Request Information on our Ohio CNA Classes online. Once you do, you can get ready to launch an exciting new career in a fast growing industry that really makes a positive impact in people’s lives.

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