Even Though You’re Family, it May Not Be Legal to Administer Medication to an Aging Parent

Home Health Care Fremont OH - Even Though You’re Family, it May Not Be Legal to Administer Medication to an Aging Parent

Even Though You’re Family, it May Not Be Legal to Administer Medication to an Aging Parent

Many Americans simply don’t know this, but even though you are family to an aging parent who needs support and assistance at home, you may not be legally allowed to “administer” medications to them. In other words, it may actually be illegal for you to even open a prescription bottle of medicine and shake out a couple of pills for your elderly mother.

But few people even consider this, especially when they have a loved one in need. They simply see their elderly mother or father struggling, feel it’s their responsibility to step up and help, and do whatever is needed.

Some states take these laws seriously. Others may be a bit more lax. Whatever the case may be, though, consider this: if you are not licensed and certified to administer medications and something happens, a mistake is made, you, as a family member, could be legally liable.

Home health care is always the best option.

If the senior needs help taking their prescription medications, has to have an IV drip changed out regularly, or has other specific medical needs, home health care is the best option to consider.

An experienced home health care provider, also commonly referred to as a visiting nurse, will be licensed to administer medications. That means they will understand the key factors of those prescription medications.

An average family caregiver may not understand why one prescription medication is supposed be taken at 10 o’clock in the morning, with no food or drink, and another one must be taken at lunchtime with food. It may seem like a bit of a burden to have to constantly go over there every couple of hours, but certain medications just cannot be taken together or with food or on an empty stomach.

A home health care provider will know the specific reasons for these different time frames and be able to check for any suspicious symptoms or signs of complications in that aging senior.

Why home health care makes a difference.

Education and experience are vital to helping people get and stay healthy today. A home health care provider who is licensed and experienced is going to be an incredible asset for an elderly person living at home, especially alone.

Many seniors today take a regiment of prescription medications. If they need assistance to do so, family may be willing to step up, but what they should do is consider the benefit a home health care aide or visiting nurse provides.

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