Four Ways to Tell it Might Be Time for Elderly Care Support

Elderly Care Upper Sandusky OH - Four Ways to Tell it Might Be Time for Elderly Care Support

Four Ways to Tell it Might Be Time for Elderly Care Support

Being a family caregiver for your senior often means that you’re working hard to ensure that she has the help she needs, when she needs it, without being overwhelmed. But how can you really tell when it’s time for elderly care assistance.

Your Senior’s Home Looks a Little Unkempt

Your elderly family member’s home can tell you a lot that she might not necessarily say out loud. The state of her home can help you to determine what tasks are becoming a little too difficult for her so that you can do whatever you can to help. Bringing in elderly care providers to take over housework can free up time and energy for her to spend in ways that are more enjoyable for her.

Her Weight Is Changing

Changes to your senior’s weight, especially when she’s not trying to make changes to her weight, could be an indication of all sorts of things. Your elderly family member might have health issues or she might be dealing with other problems, like cooking is difficult and she doesn’t enjoy doing it. This may be another situation that elderly care providers can help her to manage.

Her Approach to Personal Hygiene Has Changed

What happens with your elderly family member’s personal appearance tells you a great deal as well. The changes that you see might a reflection of any number of bigger concerns. Your elderly family member could be experiencing cognitive difficulties, personal hygiene could be getting difficult to handle, or she might simply be exhausted keeping up with everything. You’re likely going to have to ask some tough questions.

Your Senior Isn’t Socializing Much

Social engagements are about a lot more than just spending time with other people. Socialization is a key part of mental and physical health. If you’re noticing that your elderly family member is spending a lot less time around other people, that might be something you and she should talk about. Socializing more doesn’t have to be a big event, either. This might mean that elderly care providers stop by a few times a week or that other family members make it a point to drop by every couple of weeks. Ultimately, you need to stick with what’s comfortable for your senior.

Talk to your elderly family member if you’re noticing one or more of these signs. Elder lycare services can help both you and your senior to find the right balance.

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