Why an STNA is So Important to Patients

Elderly Care Toledo OH - Why an STNA is So Important to Patients

Why an STNA is So Important to Patients

Being a State Tested Nursing Assistant, or STNA, is crucial part of the healthcare process. An STNA offers so much to each individual patient, no matter what type of situation the patient is facing.

An STNA Sees the Same Patient Longer than the Doctor Does

Doctors have a great many patients and they make their rounds in a hospital or nursing home setting. That means, unfortunately, that they only get to spend a short amount of time with each patient. An STNA, on the other hand, spends a lot more time with each patient than the doctor is able to spend. That can often mean that the STNA builds a rapport with patients and may notice something happening that the doctor wasn’t able to be there to notice.

An STNA Is There for Every Step of the Patient’s Care

Because the STNA is there so much with each patient, the same people are there for every step of the patient’s care. So the patient is used to one or two different people being the ones to help them with bathing, getting dressed, and eating. There may be a whole variety of other care needs that the patient has, as well, and they can rely on the STNA that they’ve come to trust.

An STNA Offers Moral Support as Well as Care

The STNA is able to build rapport with patients, but also with their family members. Very often family members are worried about the patient and how well the patient is doing. Seeing an STNA taking excellent care of the patient and offering true caring as well can be incredibly helpful. This can be a huge source of moral support during difficult times.

An STNA Can Suggest Other Techniques to Offer Comfort

Doctors and RNs have a greater ability to help patients manage pain and other forms of discomfort, but the STNA working closely with a patient has other means of comfort, too. Offering a friendly face and a distraction from whatever is going on is one set of tools, but heating pads, cool packs, and even massage can also be helpful when dealing with pain or discomfort.

Being an STNA is incredibly rewarding if what you want most is to make a difference in the lives of patients. There are lots of opportunities for an STNA to experience a great deal of job satisfaction, no matter where that STNA works.

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