3 FAQs About In-Home Healthcare

3 FAQs About In-Home Healthcare

Who pays for the services? Is the healthcare aide trustworthy? These and other questions about in-home healthcare are ones we get asked a lot.

3 Common Questions About In-Home Healthcare

If you or a loved one is recovering from hospitalization, or if there’s a need for long-term care, in-home healthcare can make the transition to a normal life easier and quicker. You can work with an in-home care agency to chart out an individualized plan that’s suited to fit your lifestyle and daily requirements. For example, some people may need assistance with daily activities like cooking and cleaning, while others who are confined to their home may need someone to run errands for them. Some people may need help with IV therapy, medication setup, blood pressure monitoring, catheter care, and other nursing care.

But not everyone is convinced about the need for in-home healthcare. The thought of letting a stranger inside their home can be overwhelming. People who have lived an independent lifestyle all their years may have trouble accepting help. At Med1Care, we have been working with thousands of patients and their families, helping them recover while preserving their dignity and quality of life. Some of their common doubts include:

  • Is This Covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

This is perhaps the most frequent question that we get asked. A lot of services that come under the purview of in-home healthcare are covered under Medicare and Medicaid. Also, we accept Paramount, Passport, Workers Compensation, and other private insurance. To know if your in-home healthcare requirements are covered call us at 1.800.350.8941 for help.

  • Why Do I Need Assistance?

In their enthusiasm to be able to go home finally, patients often do not listen to key instructions. They end up either anxiously calling the hospital back for help or inadvertently harming themselves therefore needing re-hospitalization. With a professional nursing aide to help patients with their daily chores like cooking, cleaning, or even walking the dog outside, life becomes less of a struggle for these patients and their caregivers. Some people may need nursing care services like blood draws, IV therapy, catheter care, etc.

  • I’m Not Comfortable Allowing Strangers in the Home

Hiring an aide through a professional agency assures people that the healthcare aide they hired is worth trusting, thanks to elaborate background checks conducted regularly. But if you are not comfortable with the agency’s choice of attendant, you can always request them to send someone else.

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