Four Tips to Improve the Quality of Life for Homebound Older Adults

Four Tips to Improve the Quality of Life for Homebound Older Adults

How to Keep Homebound Seniors Happy and Healthy

Happy senior coupleThe quality of life is important for seniors dealing with health conditions that keep them homebound. Their need to feel wanted and fulfilled is as important for their physical health. To reduce stress and depression, encourage seniors to practice these simple steps to enjoy the golden years of their life.

Light Exercise

The importance of light exercise cannot be stressed enough as it enhances energy and mood. If your loved ones have recently had surgery or an illness, ask the doctor about physical activities that can be done without overexerting the body. Ideally, consult a therapist for in-home physical therapy during recovery to help them gain strength and avoid injury. Take them out for regular exercise like walking in the garden or yard to keep them strong and active enough to live on own.

Healthy Diet

Loneliness and loss of appetite are common reasons for senior citizens to skip meals. Encourage them to eat a balanced diet to keep the body healthy and avoid nutrition deficiency. A nutritionist can help you plan a healthy diet that has plenty of vitamins, fiber, calcium and potassium and is low in fats and sugars to keep diseases like cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems at bay.

Positive Routine

Whether an elderly person is living alone or with a partner or family member, help them to stick to a general routine to live a stress-free life. Engage them regular activities and hobbies. Encourage them to do creative arts, garden, read, or do puzzles. Engaging in regular activities like these helps their minds to stay busy which can help to prevent the onset of neurological problems like depression and dementia.

Feeling Loved and Needed

Every human has an inherent desire to be loved and needed. This often becomes more acute as one grows old and is dependent on others for their basic needs. While taking care of older people, make them feel helpful by asking for advice in small decisions around the house or in solving personal issues. Even if home health care is hired to help them with medical issues, share details of daily activities and keep them a part of the process as much as possible.

These tips can help a homebound loved one enjoy their lives more and stay healthier. Call us today at 419.866.0555 for professional home health care assistance.

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