How You Can Keep a Medically Fragile Child Healthier at School

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How You Can Keep a Medically Fragile Child Healthier at School

Medically fragile children already have a lot working against them in terms of helping them to maintain their health. School tends to complicate things even more because they’re around other kids and germs tend to make an appearance. There are a few things you can do to help your medically fragile child to be a little healthier, even at school.

Practice Covering During Sneezes and Coughs

It’s good manners to cover noses and mouths during coughs and sneezes, but it’s also an important part of helping to slow the spread of germs. Help your child learn to make covering her nose and mouth a habit when she sneezes or coughs. Doing this regularly can help to reduce the chances of germs spreading as rapidly as they could be.

Practice Hand Washing Techniques

Washing hands well and properly is one of the best things that anyone, including a medically fragile child, can do to help to reduce the likelihood of illness. Lots of people believe that hand washing needs to be done with heavy-duty soap, but that isn’t really the case. Plain soap, warm water, and at least thirty seconds of rubbing hands together under the water can do the job. In a pinch, hand sanitizer is another really good option.

Talk about Sharing and When Sharing Isn’t a Great Idea

Lots of times parents and teachers are trying to teach kids to share, but there are times when sharing isn’t such a good idea, especially if your child is medically fragile. Things like food, drinking containers, and anything else that goes near your child’s mouth are things that shouldn’t be shared. The reason, of course, is that germs are so much easier to transmit that way.

Practice Keeping Hands Away from Mucus Membranes

In general, it’s also a good idea to help your child to learn to keep her hands away from mucus membranes, like her nose, mouth, and eyes. This is especially helpful if she’s been touching a lot of different items and hasn’t washed her hands yet. Mucus membranes are extremely permeable, which makes them a really common entry point for germs.

If your child does become sick with a cold or the flu, that can complicate existing health issues. Talk with her doctor about what you can do and consider bringing in additional pediatric nursing care providers. They can help when medical needs are overwhelming due to extra challenges.

Excerpt: If your child is already medically fragile, then all those illnesses that go around so quickly at school can be absolutely terrifying.

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