What You Would Expect to Do as a Temporary Nurse in a Doctor’s Office

Medical Staffing Upper Sandusky OH - What You Would Expect to Do as a Temporary Nurse in a Doctor’s Office

What You Would Expect to Do as a Temporary Nurse in a Doctor’s Office

As a supplemental nurse, you have a choice of a variety of different working situations ranging from large hospitals or nursing homes to a much smaller location, like a doctor’s office. If you do go to work in a doctor’s office, you might have many of the same duties you would have as a full-time member of that staff. You would be helping the office and patients in a variety of different ways.

Support Patient Care

Patients are the heart of a doctor’s office, because they come in for a variety of different reasons. Permanent and temporary nursing staff are all involved in direct patient care, meaning that they’re performing clinical duties for patients. This involves taking vitals before the visit, discussing reasons for the visit, and explaining care instructions, among other types of care.

Assist with Patient Service

Beyond patient care, there’s also patient service. Patients need help setting appointments and sometimes rescheduling those appointments. Other patients may need to talk to a nurse about symptoms or medication changes. All of this takes time away from direct patient care, but usually needs to be handled by a nurse.

Prepare Patient Records

Every bit of a patient’s care needs to be documented in that patient’s records. Changes to medications, notes from visits, and anything else that is applicable goes in the patient’s permanent record on file. Maintaining those records is time consuming, but vital and may be difficult for staff to keep up with while dealing with an increase in patient visits.

Prep Exam Rooms Between Patients

Nursing staff in a smaller doctor’s office is typically also responsible for prepping the exam rooms in between patients. Exam tables need to be wiped down or have the paper changed, and having the room reset quickly is essential for moving patients through the practice efficiently. This is usually something that nurses can handle quickly, but it does require time and attention.

Work within the Existing Team Framework

Nurses who come into the team as supplemental staff have to be able to fit in quickly. There’s an existing framework and way of doing things, and that can be difficult to see and to understand immediately. Experienced temporary nursing staff have a knack for handling these sorts of situations, though, and are able to tackle that challenge professionally.

Supplemental staffing for doctor’s offices means that patients have their needs addressed more quickly and more efficiently, which leads to a more positive experience all the way around.

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