Can Elderly Care Help Your Senior After a Stroke

Elderly Care Tiffin OH - Can Elderly Care Help Your Senior After a Stroke?

Can Elderly Care Help Your Senior After a Stroke

After a stroke your senior’s entire life might have changed completely. It is not easy to deal with those changes and you might not feel equipped to help her as much as you might want. Elderly care providers can make this situation easier for both you and your senior.

Elderly Care Tiffin OH - Can Elderly Care Help Your Senior After a Stroke?
Elderly Care Tiffin OH – Can Elderly Care Help Your Senior After a Stroke?

Bathing and Other Personal Care Tasks

Some of the most personal tasks that your senior has always handled can be some of the most impossible for her to deal with on her own now. Bathing, getting dressed, and even going to the bathroom on her own can all be beyond her capabilities for now. Elderly care providers can help with these tasks, giving your elderly family member dignity at the same time.

Help Her to Remain Mobile

Basic mobility can also be a tremendous problem after a stroke. Your senior may not be able to walk well or at all, which can be incredibly demoralizing. Support from elderly care providers can ensure that your elderly family member is able to get around without worrying that she’s going to fall, which would cause even bigger problems. There may also be specific exercises your senior needs to do in order to help to preserve the mobility she does have.

Assist Her with Eating

Another problem your senior might be experiencing is that her fine motor skills may have been affected by her stroke. That often means that eating is now far more difficult than it’s ever been for her. Beyond just cooking and cleaning up, elderly care providers can take care of feeding your senior. She may only need help steadying her hands as she eats on her own or she may need more involved help. Regardless, it’s there for her.

Helping Spot Potential Problems

When your senior follows her doctor’s instructions, she may reduce her risk of having another stroke. Watching for the signs that another stroke is difficult, especially if you have to be away from your senior at different times of the day. Elderly care providers can help you to watch for signs that your senior might be having additional health problems, either related to her stroke or to another health condition.

For a long time after a stroke your senior might have emotional and physical issues that she’s still working through. Having experienced help from elderly care providers can be exactly what she needs to work through that situation.

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