7 Signs You Might Need a Home Nurse

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7 Signs You Might Need a Home Nurse

Imagine that you’ve retired after a long career. Now you’re home each day, finally enjoying the house you worked so hard to afford.

How would you feel if your loved ones asked you to leave your home due to the natural effects of aging on your mind and body?

That’s the reality for seniors across Ohio, but it doesn’t have to be. A home nurse or home health aide can make it possible for older adults to “age in place” while living comfortably in their homes. Hiring a compassionate home nursing professional might be the right next step for you or your declining loved one.

We’ve created this guide to help make your decision simple. Read on to learn about seven signs that you or your loved one might benefit from home healthcare through Med1Care.

1. Are You Missing Appointments?

If your medical needs are becoming more complex as you age, your calendar might be filling up with medical appointments. Even without any special mental health needs, it can be difficult to keep track of where you need to be and when. Finding transportation, shifting executive function, and memory changes can add an extra level of difficulty.

Every appointment becomes a house call when you schedule regular home nursing care. A trained RN or LPN can provide periodic assessments and communicate with your medical team as needed.

If your situation is less medically complicated, you could work with a home health aide to maintain a schedule, set reminders, or arrange convenient transportation to appointments. Either way, you won’t miss an appointment again.

2. Have Chores Become a Chore?

Living in your house on your own is a privilege, but it requires a certain amount of upkeep. Mobility challenges or other health needs can complicate your ability to perform your daily chores. While you can outsource many larger tasks, it can be frustrating to struggle with the small domestic tasks that used to be simple.

A home health aide can help with light housekeeping to ensure you can continue living comfortably. They can even run errands as complex as grocery shopping or as simple as walking the dog.

3. Do You Struggle With Medication Management?

There’s a reason why medical professionals study for years before they’re ready to manage medications! Medication is complex, and understanding what to take and when is half the battle. When you have a nurse at home, you’ll never struggle with managing your drugs, even if you require IV therapy or injections.

Your home nurse can help you set up and maintain a system that works for you, even when they aren’t present. Furthermore, your knowledgeable nurse can provide medication education so you understand precisely what you’re taking and why.

4. Is Your Overall Health Declining?

Aging is a natural process, but navigating day-to-day changes to your overall health can take some getting used to. Every day comes with new aches and pains. Even if you’re managing fine, another set of eyes can provide peace of mind.

Working with a home care nurse can be as simple as receiving regular assessments and updates so you know when pain signals an emergency and when it’s normal and natural. Your nurse can help provide you with strategies to help keep further medical issues at bay.

5. Do You Know How to Use Your New Medical Equipment?

A new diagnosis can be stressful—and that’s before the boxes from the medical supply company begin arriving on your porch. If you’re overwhelmed or confused about how to use new medical equipment, a home nurse can help. Our professionals can unpack and identify new home care materials and teach you how to use and maintain them independently.

If you have complex medical needs, the emotional component often looms just as large as your new daily care routines. Our nurses know all the tips and tricks to take the burden off of you and help you find a new daily rhythm. They are experts at managing everything from ventilators to colostomy bags with patience and wisdom.

6. Are You Eating Well?

If your medical needs become complex, your basic needs can often fall by the wayside. For example, when mobility becomes more challenging, grocery shopping, cooking, and even transporting food to the table can feel impossible. There is a link between good nutrition and good health, and you deserve to eat well so you can feel well.

A home health aide can help you plan, shop, and prepare meals, so you’ll always have something hot a delicious available at mealtime. Individuals with memory struggles can benefit from schedules, clear routines, and reminders to eat. You won’t have to avoid your favorite foods because preparing them has become too complicated.

7. Could You Use a Listening Ear?

Did you know that there is a link between loneliness and physical health? While living at home may be rewarding, it can also be isolating, especially if health or mobility issues prevent you from engaging with the outside world. A visit from a home nurse or health aide can ensure you receive regular interaction, from general chit-chat to occasional outings.

Company and companionship as just as important to our professionals as your complex health needs. Our health aides are more than happy to offer a listening ear.

Your Med1Care Home Nurse Is Like Part of the Family

Nobody wants a stranger to look after them. That’s why every Med1Care home nurse is a friendly, compassionate professional who will prioritize listening and socialization. Choosing home healthcare means opening your home and your heart as you age comfortably in place.

Med1Care serves patients of all ages throughout Northwest Ohio, and we can’t wait to help you or your loved one pursue independence. Our nurses are ready to assist, whether you need medical support or help with daily living. Get in touch today to learn more about how our versatile nursing professionals can improve your life.

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