Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

In Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

Working on your body isn’t just for the young ones out there.

As you get older, understanding your body becomes more and more important, so that you can live the best lifestyle possible. Methods like in-home physical therapy for seniors can help you stay safe, improve your level of independence, and make you feel better inside and out.

We’re here to help you understand how it all works. You may even encounter benefits you never knew physical therapy could give you. Here are our top reasons why in-home physical therapy might be right for you or your loved one.

Surgery Prevention

Surgery can be a daunting thing, but it might not be your only option. For example, you might be able to gradually fix a joint problem over time with in-home physical therapy, therefore avoiding a trip to the operating room.

What you should keep in mind is that physical therapy is often a slow process that works little by little. The more time you spend not working on the issue, the less time you’ll have available when you’re ready to face it head-on. And when an issue has progressed too far, surgery might then be your only option.

Physical therapy is a wonderful way to prevent not only the surgeries you know are looming, but the ones typical of your age group as well.

Building up your strength with regular training can help ease your mind and put you in better standing against the conditions that might otherwise worry you. Surgery is sometimes a necessary procedure, but physical therapy can help prevent it when it’s not.

Accident Prevention

Something that goes hand-in-hand with surgery prevention is accident prevention.

The strength and flexibility you gain from physical therapy won’t just help you stay out of the hospital—it’ll keep you on your toes and help you prepare better for any potential falls and slips in your everyday life.

This can be a big relief for you and the people who care about you. Understanding how your body works and working on your weak points can help you stay in control of your life.

One way for seniors to prevent accidents is to use products, tools, and methods that make day-to-day tasks a little easier. And choosing between these and physical therapy doesn’t have to be one or the other. A great physical therapist will help you get acquainted with any new tools you bring into your life.

In-Home Physical Therapy for Seniors Can Help With Pain

A great thing about general in-home care is that it doesn’t have to be a big deal for you to make your appointments. For physical therapy, this means your physical therapist can work with you on a variety of issues you face.

Did you know that physical therapy can help relieve pain? Physical therapists can be some of the best people to talk to if you want to figure out how to get rid of an uncomfortable ache. And if you have chronic pain, physical therapy is a common go-to choice.

Physical therapy approaches pain in at least two ways.

One of those ways is treatment. If you already understand the source of your pain (for example, if you’re recovering from an injury), physical therapy exercises can help you cope and put you on the path to a great recovery.

And another way is by helping you determine the pain’s source. If you have an ache that seems random, a physical therapist can help you determine where the pain is coming from and can teach you how to strengthen those areas so they stop hurting you.

Getting Back to the Things You Love

You might not realize it, but fear of pain and accidents could be stopping you from doing the things you love most in life. This could be anything from playing with your dog to leaving the house to meet friends.

If this feels familiar, you should know that you’re not alone. Plenty of people let their fears get in the way of living life—and those fears can be very real in many cases. If you’re used to your body acting in unpredictable or unpleasant ways, it might seem like a smart choice to cancel plans and stay in.

This is a common problem physical therapists see. In fact, fear of falling is so common it’s sometimes abbreviated as FF, and studies show it can actually increase the risk of falling. Physical therapy for seniors can be an excellent way to improve your mental health and your physical health at the same time.

If you gain the strength and confidence to get back to your favorite activities, you might find yourself in a happier mindset. This is just one of the ways your body and mind are connected.

Promoting Independence

Another mind-body connection is your level of independence. It’s not a bad thing to rely on others and reach out for help, but physical therapy can help you figure out the areas in your life where you can be more independent.

Whatever level of day-to-day independence you end up choosing for yourself, it’s good to know that you made the decision to the best of your knowledge. Physical therapists are body experts, and they can help you understand what you can realistically do with your body right now and in the years to come.

And if you’re aiming for a certain level of independence you’re not at yet, physical therapy can help you on your path to get there. Your physical therapist can help you target specific areas and activities you’d like to work on—it’s a team effort.

Try It for Yourself

If you’ve never considered physical therapy before, now is a great time to try.

Lots of the benefits of in-home physical therapy for seniors take time to fully enjoy, so it’s best to get started early. Whether you’re recovering from an accident, trying to prevent injuries, or just want to get back to doing what you love, physical therapy could be the perfect addition to your life.

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