Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy

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Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a service that helps people regain movement and reduce pain. While it can help with many physical issues, 46% of people seek it for spine issues.

People who need this service have several ways of getting it. One of the best options is in-home physical therapy. Yes, you can hire a physical therapist to come to your home for this service.

Getting the physical therapy you need is helpful for mobility issues. However, getting it in your home is even better. Here are some of the top benefits of in-home physical therapy.

Ideal for People With Mobility Issues

Mobility issues prevent people from walking and driving. Unfortunately, they can also prevent people from visiting doctors and therapists. As a result, people with mobility issues sometimes can’t access the help they need.

Through home healthcare services, people with these issues can receive the healthcare they need. The best part is they won’t have to find a ride there.

Many people think home healthcare is only for the elderly. But that’s not the case. Physical therapy is a service you can get in your home, and it’s not just for older adults.

Instead, it’s a valuable service for people of all ages. Anyone can choose to handle their physical therapy sessions at home.

Spine issues are a common problem triggering the need for physical therapy. There are also many others, including:

  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Knee surgery
  • Accident recovery
  • Broken bones
  • Sprained body parts

People can benefit from physical therapy when they develop any bodily injury. But, at-home services make it easier for people with injuries to get the needed help.

Improves Odds of Getting the Necessary Therapy

Physical therapy has several purposes. First, it helps you improve your mobility and range of motion. Secondly, it decreases pain.

Unfortunately, it won’t provide the results unless you follow the therapy plan.

For example, your therapist might suggest therapy three times a week. If you only do it once a week, you won’t make progress as quickly. Thus, completing the therapy plan is vital for your progress.

Fortunately, when a service comes to you, it improves the odds of following through. Here are a few ways in-home therapy improves your chances of getting therapy:


In-home services offer convenience. You don’t have to waste time driving to and from a clinic. You don’t even have to put on your shoes.

When services are convenient, you might be more likely to get them.

No Traveling

Getting to appointments might present challenges for someone with mobility issues. For example, they might need someone to drive them there. They might also have difficulties getting in and out of a vehicle.

Fewer Reasons to Cancel

Additionally, you’ll have fewer reasons to cancel your services. After all, you won’t have to make any plans or arrangements.

Therapists Offer Home Safety Tips

An at-home therapist works with you at your home. As a result, the therapist can help you increase the safety of your living environment.

While you might not feel like your home poses risks, there is a chance it does. The home health therapist can help you determine the risks. Then, they can help you learn what changes to make.

Your home might have some common hazards. Addressing these hazards reduces your risk of falling.

For example, rugs might pose risks. You might trip over a rug’s edge if you can’t lift your feet well. Removing the rug eliminates this risk.

Additionally, you can ask questions about safety issues. For example, do you struggle when using the bathroom? Your therapist can recommend changes and modifications to address these issues.

Individual Care and Attention

If you’ve ever visited a physical therapy clinic, you’ve probably noticed a few things. One thing is the busyness of the staff. There are phones ringing and clients coming and going.

Unfortunately, these distractions might take away from your care. For example, you might spend an hour in your therapy session. However, you might only get 40 minutes of therapy.

You can’t remove these distractions from a therapy clinic, but you can eliminate them. When a therapist comes to your home, you control the environment. You can silence your phone and turn the TV off.

The result is fewer distractions. With fewer distractions, your therapist can focus on providing your needed services. This one-on-one attention might help you recover faster in less time.

Without distractions, you might also be more comfortable talking to your therapist about your progress. You can ask about your progress and goals.

You might also ask about other services you might need, such as occupational therapy. This service differs from physical therapy but is helpful for many reasons.

On-Site Applications

Your therapist creates a personalized treatment plan for you. But when you do the therapy at home, they can also provide on-site applications.

You might not have the equipment and tools the clinic offers. However, you might have other items that will work well for your exercises.

For example, maybe you have some small weights at home. If so, the therapist can give you direct exercises to use with these weights. If they had not been at your home, they wouldn’t have been able to recommend this.

One major part of physical therapy is the exercises you must do yourself. If your therapist shows you what to do with the items you have at home, you’ll be able to complete them.

Reap These Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy

Do you need physical therapy to reduce your pain or improve your mobility? If so, hire a physical therapist to come to you.

You can receive the professional help you need without leaving your house through in-home physical therapy.

Contact us at Med1Care. We offer home healthcare services, including at-home physical therapy.

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