4 Reasons You Should Consider STNA as a Career

4 Reasons You Should Consider STNA as a Career

In-home health care worker meeting patientBeing a State-Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) can be an emotionally rewarding experience. It is empowering to know you are making a difference in someone’s life, whether you are comforting someone who is sick or elderly or helping people cope with his or her conditions. Beyond just the knowledge you are helping others, there are some other reasons you should consider becoming an STNA.

1. Huge Demand:

STNAs work with registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and physicians in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, assisted living centers, hospices, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes. They also work with in-home health care agencies, helping patients recover from illnesses or surgeries. The report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts the demand for these types of jobs is set to grow by around 20% by 2020. This prediction is far above the national average job growth of 7% and could mean many job opportunities if you qualify.

2. Less Time to Train:

You do NOT need a high school diploma or the equivalent to sign up for STNA classes and take an STNA test. You also don’t need previous medical experience. Several agencies are offering STNA classes to those with an interest in this career. At Med1Care, we can help you become a qualified STNA in as little as two weeks. We offer flexible schedules, and you can sign up for morning, evening, or weekend-only classes to suit your schedule.

3. Attractive Salary:

Experienced STNAs earn around $26K depending on where they live and work. Your employment terms will also include health insurance, disability insurance, paid vacations, and even retirement contribution.

4. Interesting Work:

The best thing about caring for a sick person is that no two days can be the same. This career will keep you busy and engaged. With being an STNA, you can find work that fits within your passion for caring for others.

Are you looking for help with STNA classes? Fill in the online contact form for more information. We have a 98% pass ratio and a 95% job placement ratio.

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