What You Need to Know about Becoming an STNA

Home Care Perrysburg OH - What You Need to Know about Becoming an STNA

What You Need to Know about Becoming an STNA

If you’ve heard about STNAs, or state tested nursing assistants, and you’re curious about how to become one, it helps to understand what STNAs do and where they work. It’s also important to know what the process is for being able to call yourself an STNA.

Home Care Perrysburg OH - What You Need to Know about Becoming an STNA
Home Care Perrysburg OH – What You Need to Know about Becoming an STNA

What STNAs Do

State tested nursing assistants are the boots on the ground in the nursing profession. If you decide to be an STNA, you’ll help patients with all kinds of tasks from personal care tasks to helping with mobility and transferring from wheelchairs to other positions. Some days you might feed a patient, other days you may be taking vital signs for a variety of patients. There’s a lot of variety in what you’ll do as an STNA, and much of it depends on what patients and the other medical professionals involved need you to do.

Where STNAs Work

STNAs work in a variety of different circumstances. You might opt to work for a home care agency and visit patients in their homes. Or your might decide to work in a large, busy hospital setting. Still other STNAs opt to work in nursing homes or in smaller healthcare facilities. There really are an amazing number of environments in which you could choose to work as an STNA. It’s more about your preferences than anything else.

How STNAs Learn to Do What They Do

If you’ve decided you do want to be an STNA, you can’t just walk in and get hired. You have to go through a course of study that teaches you what you need to know. You’ll have both classroom lectures and study as well as hands-on clinical training. You’ll learn about anatomy, the healthcare industry, how to prevent infections and so much more. Once you’ve completed your training, it’s time to take the certification exam.

Certification for STNAs

The certification exam is where you’ll prove that you know your stuff as an STNA. You’ll take everything that you learned in both the classroom setting and in the clinical experiences you’ve had and apply them to the questions on the certification exam. Once you pass that exam, you’re able to register with the state and apply for jobs as an STNA.

Finding the right training program is the key to getting yourself on the right track for a career as an STNA. Take the time to research programs you’re interested in and make sure that they fit the state requirements.

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