What Might a Home Health Care Aide Do to Help a Senior Combatting Pneumonia

What Might a Home Health Care Aide Do to Help a Senior Combatting Pneumonia

Pneumonia can and does hit people any time of the year, just like the flu. However, there’s this notion that flu and pneumonia are more wintertime conditions. Just because there is an increase in cases during the colder seasons doesn’t mean it’s only a risk then.

The older a person is, the more susceptible they may be to pneumonia. Why? Because their immune system won’t be as strong as it once was. When a person in their 70’s, 80’s, or even their 90’s contracts pneumonia, they need to seek medical attention immediately. The sooner they can get on antibiotics and other treatments, the better their chances of recovery.

Can an aging senior fight pneumonia at home?

Some may need to be hospitalized. It all depends on their overall health, the severity of the virus or bacteria, and how their body responds. When a senior is recovering at home though, it’s a good idea to have the right level of care.

Sadly, too many Americans have this self-help notion built into their daily outlook. They assume they can do everything by themselves. And, for the most part, that may be true. However, when recovering from pneumonia, it’s a good idea to have help.

Never underestimate just how tough it could be to recover from pneumonia when you’re in your 70’s or 80’s. Getting adequate rest is critical. But many people just go back into their normal routines, especially when they don’t have support. This is where the body can be taxed too much, worn down, and it becomes far too easy to get sicker as a result.

Home health care is a great consideration to make.

A home health care aide is someone who can provide basic medical attention to a client in the comfort of his or her home. This may include administering medications, checking vitals, relaying critical information to the client’s primary doctor for proper monitoring, and so forth.

Some home health care aides can also assist in meal preparation and getting the senior dressed and ready for the day. Though rest is one of the most important aspects to recovering from pneumonia, it’s beneficial for some seniors to move around a bit, if their doctor advises. A home health care aide may assist with these other aspects of modern, daily life. And that’s a wonderful way to stay on the right road to recovery from pneumonia.

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