Four Reasons Nursing Burnout Is a Big Staffing Problem

Medical Staffing Fremont OH - Four Reasons Nursing Burnout Is a Big Staffing Problem

Four Reasons Nursing Burnout Is a Big Staffing Problem

Burnout does more than just create mental and physical health problems for nurses. It also creates problems for their employers, in a variety of ways. Helping nurses to avoid experiencing burnout can be as simple as making sure that staffing concerns are dealt with as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Job Dissatisfaction Causes Nurses to Quit

Job dissatisfaction doesn’t just cause nurses to quit; there is a greater impact than that. Lots of people who don’t enjoy their career anymore leave their place of employment. But when nurses quit, that leaves a facility without the experienced, qualified help that is necessary to help patients and to keep everything operating smoothly. Finding ways to help make job satisfaction rise is really important and one of the best ways to do that is to resolve as many staffing issues as possible.

Patient Care Suffers

One of the most obvious ways that nursing burnout creates big problems is that patients don’t get the care that they need and that they deserve. That might mean that some nurses are picking up the slack trying to make sure that patients are cared for in a timely manner, which then puts additional burdens on them, too. This becomes a vicious cycle very quickly.

Nurses End up Getting Sick More Often

Stress is closely tied to a compromised immune system, particularly in relation to inflammation. That can mean that as nurses become more stressed, they are less likely to be able to fend off illnesses in their own bodies. Because they’re around a lot of people who are sick on a regular basis, this dramatically increases the risk that nurses under stress will get sick more often and end up having to call out of their shifts.

Nursing Burnout Can Become Permanent

The worst problem might be the fact that nursing burnout can become permanent if it’s left untreated. Nurses who keep trying to push onward, even though they know that they’re under too much stress and they’re experiencing too many difficulties can find themselves unable to be nurses any longer. This is a horrible outcome both for the nurses and for the nursing industry, which desperately needs experienced nurses to remain in the field.

Supplemental staffing services are able to alleviate staffing shortages, helping prevent burnout. Adding nursing staff as needed can create a buffer for existing staff, allowing everyone to take better care of themselves and therefore of their patients. Everyone ends up benefiting from this solution.

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