The Importance of Home Health Aide Services

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The Importance of Home Health Aide Services

Currently, around 15 million people in the U.S. benefit from home health care.

It is great to know these services are available, especially since less freedom is allowed in hospitals or care homes. But with the help of home care services, patients can still enjoy their freedom.

Do you or a loved one need care but still want independence? Then home health care might be right for you. Read on to learn about the importance of home health aide services and the benefits they bring.

What Are Home Health Aide Services?

Home aide services involve nursing care from the comfort of the patient’s home. Nurses follow individualized plans, tailored to meet the personal needs of you or your loved one. Available on an hourly basis, you can rest assured that your nurse will regularly check in to complete daily tasks and keep them up to date.

At Med1Care, we provide home health aides and personal care, as well as companionship services. So whether you or the one in care is in need of errands, housekeeping, or general respite for the family, we are here to help.

Here are some of the different services that patients can benefit from with our plans.

Home Health and Personal Care Services

With home health and personal care, basic needs are met for your or your loved one’s unique lifestyle. We appreciate that some patients require more support than others, and we’ll do our best to fulfill every need.

Some of the main tasks we cover are:

  • Assistance with planning and preparing meals (whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner)
  • Grocery shopping so you are not left without your favorite items or essentials
  • Bed changing and keeping on top of your laundry
  • Housekeeping tasks so that you don’t lose pride in your home
  • Running errands so that everything outside your home gets done
  • Feeding and caring for your pet (if you have one)

In addition, Med1Care offers sleepover services. Those that we care for can trust our nurses to lend a helping hand with bedtime routines, getting ready for sleep, and assistance through the night.

Companionship Services

With companionship services, we can tie up any loose ends that need to be met. While we value our patient’s home chores and tasks, we appreciate that you or your family member might need care in areas outside of your home too.

Need appointments arranged? We’ve got you covered. Want help with reading and writing letters? Don’t worry, we’ll sort that too. If your family needs a rest and wants some help with taking over, arrange your time, and our nurses will be there!

If you or your family member in care struggles with morning routine, needs help changing, or even getting out of bed, home health services will be perfect for you. We don’t believe our patients should struggle. Our services allow the independence of home living while helping with anything you or your loved one are no longer capable of.

The Benefits of Home Health Aide

A good home health aide service can provide many benefits. From enjoying the personal freedom to maintaining relationships, and being closely cared for, it’s a service that can fulfill the needs of our patients in all of life’s areas.

By choosing health care services, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Personalized care
  • Independence
  • Family nearby
  • Less risk of infection
  • Meals and medication provided

Let’s look at these more closely.

Personalized Care

When the nurse comes round, you will have their full attention. Individual plans will be followed with close care. That way, you can relax knowing that every task gets completed.

We know that those suffering from poor health or illness will especially need helping care. That is what our professional nurses are here for. We’ll allow families respite as we sit by our patient’s side to assist with all they can’t handle.


One of the best parts of home aide services is that patients can still have their freedom. While this isn’t always possible with other care services, it’s something to benefit from when choosing home help instead.

Having your own home to wake up, sleep, and spend your day in, allows you to stay comfortable in your surroundings. It’s not the same when cared for as an in-patient in a hospital with strict visiting hours and limited access to family. Have your family around whenever it suits and we’ll be there to care for who’s in need of care.

Staying at home allows patients to watch whatever they want, make calls when they wish, and enjoy home-cooked food (even if help is needed to make it). The all-around care experience will be better! Home comforts do not have to be given up to benefit from care.

Family Nearby

Quite often, care homes are not close by. This can make visiting more difficult.

With a home health aide, don’t worry – your family arrangements don’t have to change! See your family as much as it suits. Normal life is still there to live by having your loved ones around.

Less Risk of Infection

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities require patients to be in among other patients. This can increase the risk of infection. But when at home, there is less risk.

Check-ins from nurses providing home health aide allow patients to receive care that makes them less likely to get sick. If possible health issues are spotted early, we can treat our patients. However, without the help of care, patients run a greater risk of illness.

Meals and Medication Provided

If you or your family member has additional needs or an illness that requires medication, we can help manage it. The same goes for diet (especially when following special requirements).

The health needs of our patients are well understood by the nurse responsible for your care. Doses for medications will be carefully prepared, according to the plan.

Your Home Health Service in Toledo

Home health care can be a fantastic option if you or a loved one requires help but still wants to stay at home. Trust that our nurses will take good care so that freedom can still be enjoyed.

Looking for home health aide services in Toledo? We are here for you. Contact us to get started with one of our home health care plans today!

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